We Know Where To Go

The mission of Onoo Po Strategies is to help Native and non-Native organizations come together to build the connections, capabilities, and relationships required for successful business in Indian Country. We will help you find the right path.

We enable commerce where relationships and lifeways meet.


We believe business is, first and foremost, about relationships that are built upon trust and reciprocity, with a goal to benefit lives and quality of life, today and for future generations. At Onoo Po Strategies, we believe that mutual financial gain should be one important outcome of business relationships, not the sole purpose. If this is how you want to conduct business, with or within Indian Country, let’s talk.

Whether you are with a North American business or enterprise exploring opportunity in Indian Country, or you belong to a Native organization or tribe looking to leverage your sovereignty to develop and grow economic, social, and environmental sustainability, Onoo Po Strategies has been created to help you build the capabilities, capacity and, most importantly, the strategic connections to make it happen.

Our name is a promise to our clients and partners.


In the language and tradition of the Luiseño Indians, “onoo po” is an enthusiastic, positive affirmation. You could say it means, “yes, you are right, that is truth.” It is a statement made from a place of deep understanding and experience, a place of knowing. This is what Onoo Po Strategies will bring to your organization – relationships and experience that help you know how to turn ideas and possibilities into solutions and opportunities.

There are more than 500 federally-recognized Native American and Alaska Native tribes, and many more that have always known their sovereignty to be true. Onoo Po Strategies is well-suited to help you navigate the cross-cultural and cross-community differences between these Nations, as well as between Indian Country, the non-Native business landscape, and the U.S local, state and federal governments.

Our team of seasoned experts has been assembled to provide you with essential resources and counsel, across many sectors and in seven areas of opportunity development.

  • Economic Development and Commercialization
  • Strategic Sourcing and Procurement
  • Business Strategy, Marketing and Management
  • Workforce Training and Development
  • Agriculture and Environmental Management
  • Sports Management and Youth Development
  • Cultural Resources and Community Development
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native american business
native american land development
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We are grateful to share our experience in benefiting others.


The Onoo Po Strategies executive and leadership team brings together access to hundreds of personal and deeply connected relationships, and decades upon decades of experience in Tribal governance and management, Tribal- and Native-owned business management and economic development, U.S. Government regulations and law, and the formation of Native/non-Native strategic alliances and partnerships.

You will find our connections and experience invaluable as you pursue your goals and objectives. Our relationships will save you time and money chasing people and organizations that don’t fit your criteria or share your core values.

Bennae Calac

Board Chair: Bennae leads all efforts related to the 7G Foundation, Tribal leadership, and economic development.

Dr. Daniel J. Calac

Board Member:  Dan serves the board with his perspective on care for the health and wellbeing of communities and people for nearly three decades.

Ernest Stevens III

Vice President: Ernest is steeped in communications and media, producing content and developing marketing and gaming related businesses.

Melinda Hubbard

Vice President of Sales/c-Store/fuel stations

Wayne Nelson

Vice President: Wayne brings extensive Native cultural heritage management experience to the team, working with many tribes across the country as well as the State of California.

John Christman

Vice President: John has experience in multiple casino and resort management positions, and has served multiple roles in tribal administration, including Tribal Chairman at Viejas Band of Kumeyaay Indians.

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